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Ways of reading Dalail al Khayrat

 The ways of reading the Dalail ul Khayrat

The ways of reading the Dalail ul Khayrat you can read the Noble book in many ways
in 8 days
in 4 days
in 2 days
in one day

The book is divided in 8 parts it can be started on Sunday night which is actually Monday in Islam and Finish on the following Sunday thus this becames 8 Days
As for the the begining section there are Hadiths this can be left out otherwise you'll find it long to read! The Biggest section is the First part and may take 35mins to read others may take 45mins ! As for the other sections there take about 20mins to read! but this depends on how fast one can read the text you may find itmay take longer !

Adaab: There is a Adaab were you repeat some lines 3 times each and on the Last section there is a section were you must repeat 14 times each line.

Once your have finish a full reading of the book you must read Surah Fatiha for the Author Imam Jazuil- basically very time you complete a reading the Dalail you read a short Khtam in Honour of the Shaykh who authored the Book this is also a request from the author too as the end of section 8.

So once you have finished the noble book completely the author humbly requests you send him Surah Fatiha as a Gift, this is done every time you fully complete reading the noble book.

So thus you can read this dua or a similar one: 

Start with Durood Shareef (salawat ala Rasul) any 1, 3, 11 times
I send the thawab-Reward/blessings of all that I have read to;
Sayyiduna Muhammad. peace be upon him,
Khailafa Rashidun:- Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Hadhrat Ali karma wala wajhu
Imam Hasan wa Hussain, and all the Ahl-bayt
all the sahaha-ikram, ta'beeen, tab-ta'been,
All Anbiya, Shaheed, Saliheen,
the Master of Sufis Shaykh Abdul-Qadiri Jilani,  and to

Sidi Abu Madyan Ghawth, Sidi Ibn Mashish -(the Shaykh of Imam Shadhili)
And especially to the Ruh-Soul of Imam Jazuili
and your shaykhs and your family and anyone else you would like to thawab-(blessings) of your  reading to go to also.

and make a dua similar to this;
O Allah for their Sake I send this thawab-reward as Hadiyah-Gift upon them and my relatives. Help me for the sake of all there ibadaah, Ya Allah open my desires, my wises and hopes, and close all evil and pains in my life, and make ease my life and answer my prays by the secret of this noble Dalail ul Khayrat. Read Surah Al-fatiha finally send Surah al-faitha especially to Shaykh Jazuli the Author of the Dalail ul Khayrat. End with Durood Shareef (salawat ala Rasul) any 1, 3, 11 times

This is the best manner of asking anything from Allah and this Pious Saints, for they will be asking dua on your behalf if you have practice this method insha'allah.

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